Jar of Heart

Went out to have a dinner with Veronica Chandra , Yessica , Hendry Colin and His Sister Irene Beatrice at Takigawa Meat Bar. actually we didn't have plans to dinner together before. hoho.
I guess going somewhere without planning it's much better than already made ​​plans but canceled at last.
hm. I think the food was not as tasty as the first I had to go. 
But fortunately  all went well without a plan. 
And this is our photos as usual :D



Masquerade night

Saturday Night
Attending Tiffany Idris and Vera Stephen " masquerade party" at sirocco and moonlight bistro. By using a mask and a well-known songs. The party was so awesome anyway. place and the food is not so bad either. 
and we took some photos. so narcissistic.

         With Vera Stephen


it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. sometimes i feel so lazy to update and don't have time.
actually make yourself busy it more exciting. haha 
Okay,  back to our topic. After I did all my activities, I was with them went to starbucks with Tiffany Idris and Veronica Chandra. and as usual we talked and we took some photos. to get rid of this boredom.


A Sharp night.

yak! Due to my holiday "Good Friday" Spent my holiday evening with my friends Sherlyn Wijaya , Ccil Meidiana, Veronica Chandra , Irene Beatrice and the last Hendry Colin. we went to the new cafe " UFC" (Unidentified Flying Chicken). I think there service is so so so bad , and the food was very ordinary. hm. i guess i don't want to go there for a second time. Also not very comfort place for hang out. after we had our lunch. we went to a plaza for some relaxing , shopping. But not thought to be very crowded.

After that, we went to another plaza with a leisurely walk. *like a tourist* lol.  we took our early dinner at there and went to drink a coffee as usual. hoho.   And fitting that day I really hate my bangs, bangs this time I feel the worst than ever -.-


unsri :)